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Intriguing White Slushie flavor put together for four separate Believe supplements

Believe Supplements White Slushie Performance Eaa

Believe Supplements in Canada has put together a fresh, new, and intriguing flavor called White Slushie, which we’re not entirely sure what it’s meant to taste like; however, it is something fans of the brand are likely going to come across. Believe has not just put White Slushie together for one supplement but a whole bunch of them, and they’re all popular supplements competing in major sports nutrition categories.

White Slushie is already available for Believe Supplements’ recently released pre-workout Pre Fuel, although again, that’s not where it ends. Arriving this week is a White Slushie flavor for two other pre-workouts, Pump Addict and Pump Addict Stimulant-Free, and Performance EAA. White Slushie isn’t a flavor series where each product is branded the same, but it is for a variety of supplements, so it is somewhat of a series.