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Canada’s Beyond Yourself partners with Tropicana for distribution in the UK

Beyond Yourself Tropicana

A big part of expanding and growing is going outside of your local market and home country, whether it be directly to consumers with a dedicated online store or through a distributor in the region. The well-established Beyond Yourself out of Canada and known for sports nutrition supplements like Amino-Q, AMRAP, and the pre-workout SuperSet, available in standard and stimulant-free versions.

Beyond Yourself has gone ahead and made that international step and can now be found over in the UK through the major distributor Tropicana, which is responsible for other big-name supplement companies like Dedicated Nutrition, ProSupps, Gaspari Nutrition, and BSN. Tropicana has picked up a good almost the entire Beyond Yourself family of products, giving those in the area a great taste of the brand.

The Beyond Yourself presence in the UK through its distributor Tropicana includes signature products like PREset, AMRAP, AMINO-IQ2, Keto Fire, Keto Ice, the hybrid GrEAAns, and protein powder Vegan Protein, with many of those in a variety of flavors. Retailers in the area can reach out and order straight from Tropicana, so consumers can expect to see the brand in stores and on shelves shortly.

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