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Birdman confirms its seasonal Pumpkin flavor of Falcon will be returning to shelves shortly

Birdman Pumpkin Falcon For 2022

Birdman is a well-presented and widely available sports nutrition brand in Mexico, available in the likes of the major retailer GNC and its many locations in the country. One of its star supplements is the plant-based protein powder Falcon, featuring one of the largest varieties of sources we’ve seen in a vegan competitor, including the likes of rice, sacha inchi, quinoa, amaranth, and pumpkin seed to provide 22g of protein a serving.

Over the past few years, around this time, Birdman has released a special edition flavor of its Falcon plant-powered protein powder, themed, of course, around the season. As you might have guessed, that annual flavor is a pumpkin-based taste, with a simple Pumpkin Falcon. Every year the product is only available for a limited time, and the brand has just confirmed, Pumpkin is returning for 2022, and it should be on shelves shortly.

Like other years, Birdman’s seasonal Pumpkin Falcon protein powder will come in a colorful, eye-catching orange label design, very different from its usual blue, so it will stand out when it eventually becomes available.

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