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Flavor extensions continue to roll out for Pandy Energy with Blood Orange for Halloween

Blood Orange Pandy Energy Drink

Swedish functional brand Pandy is known for many things, including its low-sugar candy, sauces, and self-titled drink; Pandy Energy. However, since its debut three years ago in three different flavors, the brand has been slow to expand the menu of the energy drink. That has changed this year, as Pandy Energy landed its fifth flavor a few months ago, and it has been almost non-stop since.

In the past few months, Pandy has expanded its energy drink selection from four flavors to seven, and this week it is back again, introducing yet another extension to the product’s menu. The latest flavor is Blood Orange, fitting for the spooky season, and it is appropriately colored black and orange. The only downside is that Blood Orange Pandy Energy is not ongoing and only a limited launch.

As per usual, the latest from Pandy is available first through its local Swedish online store, where a single can will set you back 16 SEK (1.41 USD), or save a bit of money and grab a case of 24 for 345 SEK (30.33 USD).

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