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Bodytech’s collaboration also includes a villain-themed The Joker Candy flavor

Bodytech The Joker Candy Energized Critical Aminos

Earlier today, we posted about Vitamin Shoppe’s massive collaboration between its sports nutrition brand Bodytech and DC Comics, with a series of superhero-themed flavors of already available supplements. We originally highlighted five of the products, including the likes of Superman’s Kryptonite Krusher for Ultimate EAA and Wonder Woman’s Rainbow Sherbet for the protein powder Whey Protein Isolate.

It turns out there was one other in the Vitamin Shoppe, Bodytech, and DC Comics collaboration, which is a bit separate from the others as it’s not based on a hero. Making it six different entries in the collection is The Joker Candy, and it is a flavor for Energized Critical Aminos. The supplement itself explains its contents in its name, featuring a mix of various aminos and 100mg of PurCaf natural caffeine for energy.

The Joker Candy Energized Critical Aminos is available now in Vitamin Shoppe’s online store alongside its other five authentic DC Comics flavor collaborations. The Joker product is actually the cheapest of the entire series at Energized Critical Aminos’ regular price of $21.99 for a tub of 30 full servings.

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