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Vitamin Shoppe brand Bodytech teams up with DC Comics for a series of superhero flavors

Vitamin Shoppe Bodytech Dc Comics Supplements

Vitamin Shoppe’s sports nutrition brand Bodytech has joined in on the fun of authentic collaborations, and while it is with something we’ve seen before, it is in a much broader way. Bodytech has teamed up with DC Comics for a series of special edition flavors of five already available supplements, each themed around a popular superhero from the DC Comics universe.

The collaboration between Vitamin Shoppe’s Bodytech and DC Comics involves a Batman Gotham City Grape flavor of Micronized Creatine, a Black Adam Dark Cherry Nitrulline Powder, and Superman Kryptonite Krusher Ultimate EAA. The remaining two products are a Flash Lightning Lemonade flavor of the Bodytech pre-workout Flash Point, and, lastly, an intriguing flavor of Whey Protein Isolate named Wonder Woman Rainbow Sherbet.

The special edition DC Comics’ flavors feature the same formula as all of the other options already available for each respective supplement. For example, Bodytech’s Wonder Woman Rainbow Sherbet Whey Protein Isolate still provides 25g of protein, all from premium and lean whey isolate, alongside just a gram each of carbohydrates and fat, and a reasonable 120 calories.

All five of Vitamin Shoppe and Bodytech’s DC Comics collaborations are available straight from its online store at Like the formulas, the prices of the special edition flavors are the same as their regular counterparts, so it doesn’t cost any extra for a bit of superhero action. We did say this is a collaboration we’ve seen before as Myprotein has also done flavors themed around DC Comics superheroes including the likes of Batman and Superman.