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Not4Pussy brand adds another flavor to its EAA and a drops a bulk creatine

Bps Pharma Dark Sweet Cherry

Hardcore German supplement company BPS Pharma, known for its Not4Pussy family of many different pre-workouts, has surprised fans with two products, one is a flavor, and the other is an entirely new essential item. Firstly, the brand has crafted a fruity new option by the name of Dark Sweet Cherry and launched it for its full-spectrum EAA-based recovery formula 4 Your Gainz Bro.

The other drop from BPS Pharma, again, is a completely new basic supplement called This Creatine 100% 4U. It is a standalone creatine product featuring unflavored, bulk, tried and true creatine monohydrate for muscle strength and size. You can get the new Dark Sweet Cherry amino from the brand’s website at €29.90 (29.43 USD), while the creatine is €25.90 (25.49 USD) for a 500g tub.

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