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No Sugar Co’s Brad Woodgate makes a song and music video about the negatives of refined sugar

Brad Woodgate No Sugar Company Its A No For Me

Energy drink fans may remember a few months ago, the better-for-you brand, No Sugar Company, came out with a unique collaboration, teaming up with none other than iconic rapper Vanilla Ice. The two came together to launch a special edition flavor of No Sugar Company’s Joyburst beverage named after Vanilla Ice himself, but that’s not where the partnership ended.

Vanilla Ice also crafted a song called Joyburst and produced an entertaining music video featuring Vanilla Ice alongside the CEO of No Sugar Company, Brad Woodgate. You can watch the video on YouTube, and while you’re there, you can check out another music video that’s gone live this week for a song with Brad Woodgate by himself in an effort to send a clear message.

Brad Woodgate’s song is called “It’s Not For Me”, and it is all about the negative impact of refined sugar, something Woodgate’s brand is clearly against hence the name, No Sugar Company. The music video for It’s Not For Me on YouTube is filled with points, quotes from individuals, and facts, including “approximately 75% of Americans eat excess amounts of sugar.”

The message Brad Woodgate communicates in his song “It’s Not For Me” is clear, doing a great job at informing and educating viewers and, at the same time, spreading awareness about No Sugar Company and its great selection of healthier snacks and treats. You can check out the music video embedded above and find out more about the brand’s products at