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Reputable Build Fast Formula makes the tough decision to close its doors

Build Fast Formula Closing Down

Several years ago, the brand Build Fast Formula burst onto the scene with the stimulant-free-pump-powering pre-workout VasoBlitz featuring solid dosages of citrulline, betaine, and NO3-T arginine nitrate. The simplicity of the supplement makes it easy to stack with other pre-workouts, including the brand’s own FullBlitz and Blitz3D, not to mention it is very effective and holds a spot on our list of top five pump products.

Some good and bad news has rolled in from Build Fast Formula this week, with the good news being that you can currently use the coupon code “PUMPKIN20” in its online store and get 20% off everything. The bad news is that once the brand sells through all the stock on its website, that is it. Build Fast Formula has made the tough decision to close its doors by the end of the year for several reasons, such as inflation and supply shortages.

It has been enjoyable watching Build Fast Formula grow over the years and build on its original pump-powerhouse VasoBlitz, introducing the aforementioned FullBlitz and Blitz3D, standalone creatine, and the protein powder Eighty:20. To get your hands on the last lot of stock of Build Fast Formula, head to its website at and make use of the coupon code “PUMPKIN20” for that solid 20% off everything.