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G Fuel puts two exclusive Four Souls cards in its collab with The Binding Of Isaac

G Fuel X The Binding Of Isaac

The classic video game The Binding Of Isaac is a survival horror game that’s been around for years, and it is the latest company to partner with the giant gaming supplement company G Fuel. As per usual, the two have come together for a special edition collaboration flavor of the brand’s signature energy and focus-supporting supplement, self-titled G Fuel.

G Fuel and The Binding Of Isaac have collaborated for a flavor appropriately titled Isaac’s Tears, named after the lead character of the video game. As you may or may not have gathered from “Isaac’s Tears”, the taste of the product is a refreshing fruity combination of white grape and pineapple, although the taste isn’t where the experience ends on this one.

The Binding Of Isaac’s collaboration Isaac’s Teasers G Fuel is going to come in a limited edition Collector’s Box with a matching shaker and two completely new and exclusive cards for The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls card game. Pre-ordering for the product begins in about two weeks on Friday the 4th of November through the brand’s website at

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