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Gorilla Mind gives fans an easy way to get more beta-alanine and creatine

Gorilla Mind More Beta Alanine More Creatine

Most of the supplements from Gorilla Mind are well-put-together, advanced sports nutrition products, with some branching out into other uncommon or more health and wellness-type categories. As the month of October comes to a close, the reputable brand has added two supplements that are more on the basic side with the idea that you can add even more of the popular ingredients to what you’re already using.

Gorilla Mind has introduced More Beta-Alanine and More Creatine, again, with the idea being that you buy them to either add the title ingredients to your monthly regimen or add even more to what you’re getting from other products. As mentioned, both items feature only their title ingredients; More Beta-Alanine is a bulk tub of unflavored beta-alanine to support performance, and More Creatine, bulk tried creatine monohydrate.

The prices of the two straightforward, standalone supplements are much the same, although one has twice as many servings as the other. A tub of More Beta-Alanine will cost you $19.99 with 60 full servings, each at the usual 3.2g; then More Creatine is $24.99, for a tub 30 servings, and that also has the common full dose of its main ingredient at 5g each.