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Turkesterone finally comes to Huge in the form of a standalone softgel product

Huge Turkesterone

While standalone turkesterone supplements or even complex muscle builders with turkesterone in them aren’t anywhere near as frequently released as they were a few months ago, brands are still rolling them out. The already reasonably extensive selection of products at Huge Nutrition is the latest to land a turkesterone-powered supplement with the simply named and formulated, Huge Turkesterone.

Huge Nutrition has added to the many different muscle builders it has on the market with a standalone turkesterone product featuring the usual 500mg of ajuga turkestanica, providing 10% turkesterone. Interestingly the supplement comes in softgel format, as opposed to the common capsule, with the brand’s reason being that softgels are easily digestible, which it says, in turn, should improve bioavailability.

Every bottle of Huge Turkesterone comes with 60 softgels, so again, like most other turkesterone products out there, giving you enough to last a whole month or 30 days, at a gram a day. The price of the muscle strength and size supporting supplement directly through the brand’s online store is $59.95, and with turkesterone being its only ingredient, you’re free to stack this with any other product in the Huge lineup.