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New look and more flavors look to be up next for Bruce Buffer’s energy drink

Its Time Energy Drink New Branding And Flavors

Bruce Buffer’s still relatively new energy drink, It’s Time Energy, looks like it’s about to expand drastically from its current and small selection of flavors in Original and Orange Lemon. The beverage features a straightforward formula with a very low 675mg BCAAs, B vitamins, guarana, goji berry, or as the brand labels it, wolfberry, and a moderate 200mg of caffeine, all with no sugar and a low seven calories.

It’s Time Energy has shared the image above, featuring five clearly different colored cans, each wearing what looks to be a fresh new look for the brand and its energizing beverage. Our guess is those five cans are bringing a new look to It’s Time Energy and three more flavors. The colors of the cans include red and orange, like the current options of Original and Orange Lemon, as well as green, yellow, and blue.

It’s hard to read the text where we suspect the name of those new flavors will be, with the exception of the blue, which we can make out what we believe to be Blue Raspberry. Either way, it looks as though It’s Time Energy has some exciting things on the way for its flagship beverage, and presumably, the formula will remain the same as the inclusion of BCAAs, zero sugar, and 200mg of caffeine are still clearly present.

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