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Next limited flavor of RAZE Energy is a collaboration with driver Corey LaJoie

Joie Juice Raze Energy Drink

RAZE has announced the next new limited edition flavor of its hugely popular, self-titled RAZE Energy drink, the first since the debut of its Clash Of The Cans celebrating Gold Rush. The brand’s upcoming product doesn’t have a release date or timeframe, only confirmation that it’s coming soon, although what’s most interesting is that it is actually not just another creative flavor.

Up next from RAZE for the RAZE Energy drink is a collaboration, where the hard-working, ever-busy brand has teamed up with Spire Motorsports for a flavor dedicated to the racecar driver Corey LaJoie. The flavor is appropriately named Joie Juice, and it appears to have a lemon and a lime on the front of its can, suggesting those two tangy, citrusy fruits will play a role in the taste.

RAZE recently revealed that limited edition flavors have become a key part of its brand and business, and that it doesn’t plan on stopping or even slowing down on that side any time soon. The Joie Juice RAZE Energy with Spire Motorsports and Corey LaJoie is proof of that, and it is nice to see RAZE mixing things up and doing what we’re pretty certain is its first collaboration.

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