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King Kongin reveals a second beverage but we’re not sure about its point of difference

King Kongin Kongin Ade

Quickly following the announcement of the second flavor of its original energy drink, beverage brand King Kongin has unveiled another product drop, although this isn’t a flavor. The growing company has taken the covers off of its second functional drink, introducing Kongin Ade, although unfortunately, we’re a little short on information, including details of what separates it from the King Kongin energy drink.

The obvious differences in King Kongin’s Kongin Ade compared to its other product is, of course, the name, with “Ade” suggesting it’s some sort of sports drink, it has a classic Fruit Punch flavor, and it comes in a bottle, not a can, although it still has a volume of 16oz. Interestingly, like the King Kongin energy drink, Kongin Ade is promoted as containing vitamins, it has no sugar, and it is described as an “energy drink”.

Kongin Ade as proved quite intriguing, as at first, we thought it would be something completely different from King Kongin’s canned beverage, especially with a name like that, but the more we look at it, it sounds like more of the same thing. We’ll have to wait until the product is completely available to be sure about its point of difference, as at the moment, we don’t see it on Amazon or the brand’s website.