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Apple Cider and Cranberry come to Legion’s pre-workout Pulse for a limited time

Legion Apple Cider Pulse

More often than not, we see flavor extensions from the popular sports nutrition brand Legion; in fact, the last two stories we shared about it were exactly that. This week we have Legion in the headlines once again, and as per usual, the topic of conversation is new flavors. On this occasion, we have two additions, and they’re both for the brand’s premier pre-workout Pulse, built for pumps, performance, focus, and energy.

Legion’s lineup of options for Pulse is already extremely extensive, as impressive as its protein powder Whey+, with well over ten to choose from. The new flavors available for the pre-workout are Apple Cider and Frosted Cranberry, priced at Pulse’s usual $44.99 for a tub of 20 full servings. It is also worth noting neither of the releases is permanent, with the brand only adding to the product’s menu has limited time tastes.