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Mammut discontinues its black mixing protein powder after divided feedback

Mammut Discontinues Black Chocolate Cookie Whey Protein

Early last year, German brand Mammut Nutrition did something extremely unique and what we’ve only seen from one other brand with the release of its Black Chocolate Cookie Whey Protein. It is a flavor of Mammut’s premier protein powder with real chocolate cookie pieces throughout, but the most intriguing feature was that the powder was completely black and it mixed into a black protein shake.

This was similar to what the original underground brand Black Market did many, many years ago, where its monthly limited edition pre-workout flavor would have a regular-colored powder but mix black. The brand eventually discontinued or pulled out the unique feature, and that is the news we have today regarding Mammut Nutrition’s Black Chocolate Cookie Whey Protein as it has been discontinued.

Mammut Nutrition says fans and followers either really enjoyed the all-black experience or they didn’t like it at all. The product is no longer listed on the brand’s website and will not be restocked, although to have some good news with the bad, it has said it’ll be dropping a completely new special edition item shortly.