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South Africa’s creative MetaLab is expanding its presence in protein to plant-based

Metalab Vegan Protein Powder

Since its debut, MetaLab has had a good presence in the intensely saturated, competitive, but essential protein powder category with two supplements, Bridge and ISO-Bridge. The difference is right in the name, with Bridge being the creative South African brand’s blend-style product and ISO-Bridge being a premium, whey isolate-based competitor.

While Bridge and ISO-Bridge give MetaLab a good spread in protein powder, they don’t cover an area that has become incredibly popular these past few years in plant-based protein. After two years on the market, very soon, that is finally going to change, as the brand has unveiled its upcoming vegan-friendly protein powder, aptly named Vegan.

MetaLab’s Vegan will keep the nutrition relatively lean at 20 to 21g of protein per serving, coming from a variety of plant-based sources for a complete amino acid profile, and 111 to 113 calories. The brand has also added enzymes to support and improve digestion, and it’ll be launching in two flavors, Cocoa Chocolate and a more intriguing Banana Pancake Batter.

MetaLab is planning to expand its family of protein powders with Vegan shortly, and it does promise to be a strong entry into the space. The brand promises the supplement won’t have that typical earthy taste like many plant-powered proteins and apparently deliver a whey-like flavor experience, which is not easy to do and something we’ve yet to see.

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