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Game Fuel’s zero sugar version returns in one of its original two flavors

Mtn Dew Game Fuel Zero Return

Raspberry Lemonade was one of the first two flavors MTN DEW released for the sugar-free, low-calorie version of its gamer-marketed energy drink, MTN DEW Game Fuel Zero. The product hit the market back in 2020, again in two flavors, Raspberry Lemonade and the other was Watermelon Shock, although, in December of last year, word got out that both were unfortunately discontinued.

Sugar-free alternatives for energy drinks are incredibly popular; in fact, many of the more recent hit beverages are calorie-conscious without the need for another version, such as RAZE, Ghost, and C4 Energy. The loss of MTN DEW Game Fuel Zero’s two flavors would have definitely been hard on fans that didn’t want the 23g of the regular Game Fuel, although the good news is one of them is back.

MTN DEW has announced that it has brought back the Raspberry Lemonade MTN DEW Game Fuel Zero, and it is specifically saying it is back “for good”. You can now find and purchase the product through the dedicated Game Fuel online store, as well as Amazon, with being the cheaper of the two at $22.99 for a case of a dozen cans, all with absolutely no sugar and zero calories.