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Myprotein expands its Clear Series even further specifically Clear Vegan Protein

Myprotein Clear Vegan Protein Plus

Of all of the sports nutrition brands to jump on the trend of clear, refreshing, fruit-flavored protein supplements, Myprotein has done it more than most. It started with just Clear Whey Isolate, but the international giant has gone well beyond that over the years, introducing many different spin-offs, including the plant-based Clear Vegan Protein, a product that just got its own spin-off in Clear Vegan Protein Plus.

Myprotein’s all-new Clear Vegan Protein Plus is like the original in many ways, featuring hydrolyzed pea isolate as its primary source of protein to provide 15g per serving. After that, things start to get a little bit different, as Clear Vegan Protein Plus is technically a family of spin-offs. It takes that hydrolyzed pea isolate base and combines it with other ingredients that vary from flavor to flavor to offer additional benefits and effects.

Clear Vegan Protein Plus’ Black Elderberry flavor features blackcurrant, elderberry, and acerola juice powder, plus premium Ultimine zinc and vitamin C to support immune health. Next is the supplement’s Lemon Kombucha flavor with, of course, lemon juice powder, kombucha, and probiotics for gut health, then lastly, a Mango & Lime Clear Vegan Protein Plus with mango and lime juice powder, and green coffee powder providing a moderately energizing 90mg of caffeine.

Myprotein has proven to be very creative with its various Clear Protein Series products, and Clear Vegan Protein Plus continues that, and in a way we certainly wouldn’t have expected. The functional family of plant-based protein powders is available over at, where they are obviously more expensive than the regular Clear Vegan Protein at £31.99 (36.23 USD) for any of the three for a tub of 15 servings.