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Testofen and KSM-66 take the lead in NF Sports testosterone booster Prime-XD

Nf Sports Prime Xd

The recently revamped, rebranded, and completely revitalized NF Sports has come out with a fresh new supplement, putting the growing sports nutrition brand into the common testosterone-boosting category. The newest entry in the NF Sports family is Prime-XD, and it takes an advanced approach, bringing together several reliable ingredients and dosages.

Leading the formula behind NF Sports Prime-XD to naturally boost testosterone and support the strength, muscle building, and lean mass benefits that come with it are the premium ingredient Testofen and KSM-66. The brand has included Testofen fenugreek at a full 600mg per two-capsule serving, and the multiple study-backed KSM-66 ashwagandha is at 300mg.

Nf Sports Prime Xd Label

Completing the list of ingredients and giving Prime-XD that comprehensive approach is zinc, horny goat weed at 100mg a serving, ginseng, a light 50mg of the classic tribulus, 25mg of black maca, and lastly, the popular absorption enhancer BioPerine black pepper. We have seen some of those components at higher dosages, but overall, it is in line with the competitors NF Sports has in other mainstream categories.

The price of the testosterone-boosting Prime-XD is relatively high when shopping directly through NF Sports’ online store at $79.99, with the usual 30 servings in every bottle. This brand is one of those that drastically drops its cost if you subscribe to receive a supplement every month, and in Prime-XD’s case, it comes down to a much more reasonable $59.99.