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Nitraflex Burn about to be restocked and potentially with some changes

Gat Sport Nitraflex Burn Return

A year or so ago, GAT Sport reformulated its hybrid pre-workout supplement Nitraflex Burn, which, as you could probably gather from the name, blends together the benefits of a pre-workout and fat burner. One of the big changes to the product was the inclusion of the premium pump-supporting Nitrosigine, including in a one-gram non-transparent blend alongside trans-resveratrol and pterostilbene.

If you currently go to GAT Sport’s online store at, you’ll see that Nitraflex Burn is not available for purchase in any of its four flavors; Blue Raspberry, Spicy Mangorita, Apple Melon, and Tropic Thunderburst. That is because the legacy brand is getting ready to restock the two-category supplement, and while GAT itself hasn’t said anything, from what we can tell, there will be some changes to the product.

GAT Sport has shared the image above, showing off a slightly different-looking Tropic Thunderburst Nitraflex Burn, and the weight of the tub itself is not the same either. At the very least, the brand has made some cosmetic changes to the supplement, although the change in weight also usually means there are tweaks or edits to the formula, but we’ll have to wait for its complete return to be sure.

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