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Nutrata rolls out more flavor innovations from its collaboration with Havanna

Nutrata X Havanna Proto And Grego Bars

Brazilian brand Nutrata has spiced things up this month for two of its many functional foods in the ProtoBar and Whey Grego Bar. One of the key differences between the two on-the-go items is the ProtoBar has your more typical 20g of protein in a sizeable 70g bar. The Whey Grego Bar is a little smaller at 40g with a much lower 11g of protein, and it has a more flavor-focused experience from what we understand.

The action coming from Brazil’s Nutrata for its ProtoBar and Whey Grego Bar is a new flavor for each of the products, and they are, in fact, authentic collaborations. The sports nutrition brand has teamed up with Havanna once again, known for its delicious chocolate and treats, for a Havanna Brownie Dulce de leche flavor of the ProtoBar and an intriguing Havanna Strawberry Dulce de leche option Whey Grego Bar.

Nutrata is currently rolling out its Havanna Brownie Dulce de leche ProtoBar and Havanna Strawberry Dulce de leche Whey Grego Bar in its home country, and they’ll certainly stand out on shelves as, like most collaborations, they have a touch of branding from the other side of the partnership with Havanna’s signature yellow

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