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Obvi brings together five reliable ingredients for its first-ever pre-workout

Obvi Pre Workout

Obvi has done a great and almost one-of-a-kind job walking the line between active lifestyle and sports nutrition with its family of supplements. It is very much a lifestyle brand, but it has built a name and gained sports nutrition attention due to the various categories and types of products it has rolled out. Obvi has an incredibly broad reach, and it is about to become even bigger with its long-awaited next supplement.

Obvi never said or promised it would be coming out with a pre-workout, but one is always expected and that is exactly what its next new product is, a competitor for the highly competitive category. Launching this Friday is the simply named Obvi Pre-Workout, and it features a fairly straightforward formula with a short list of ingredients at moderate dosages, or impressive amounts if you throw down two scoops.

We’ve got the formula for the Obvi Pre-Workout in the image above, and as you can see, it brings together five incredibly common ingredients, all at moderate dosages. You get 4g of citrulline malate at two to one citrulline to malic acid ratio, to push pumps, 1.6g of beta-alanine for performance, 200mg of theanine, half a gram of tyrosine for focus, and 200mg caffeine to increase energy.

Obvi Pre Workout Label

Those amounts are not supremely high, but they do clearly leave you room to take two servings and double all of the dosages for a robust pre-workout formula. We haven’t seen the directions for the Obvi Pre-Workout, so we’re not sure if the brand suggests you do, but two servings get you a hefty 8g of citrulline malate, the usual 3.2g of beta-alanine, a full gram of tyrosine, and a much more potent and stronger 400mg of caffeine.

As mentioned, Obvi is releasing its first-ever pre-workout this Friday through its online store at, and it will be one of the rarely seen products in the category that costs under $30 at $29.99, and that is before discount from any coupon code. It is worth noting Obvi Pre-Workout has very few servings at 20 a tub or ten if you choose to double serve, with one flavor confirmed so far in Strawberry Lemonade.