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Absolutely loaded Behemoth 60 is happening but Like A Pro is only doing one run

Like A Pro Supplements Behemoth 60

We recently shared an absolutely loaded pre-workout coming soon from Like A Pro Supplements named Behemoth 60, which gained a lot of attention due to the dosages it is said to feature. The main attraction of the product is it has a never-before-seen 60g of active ingredients, and some never-before-seen dosages, including 10g of creatine monohydrate, 5g of the PeakO2 performance blend, and another 5g of betaine.

There were a few people who thought Like A Pro Supplements’ Behemoth 60, or Behemoth for short, might have been a joke or just something that was never meant to release. With the brand setting an actual launch timeframe for the packed-out pre-workout and nothing really indicating that it was a joke, we took it as complete truth, and for those wondering, Like A Pro has confirmed Behemoth is real and is indeed happening.

The one-of-a-kind pre-workout that’s stimulant-free and relies entirely on focus, pump, and performance ingredients is still planned for the first quarter of next year. Another interesting detail that we’ve learned and is well worth sharing is you’ll want to buy Behemoth as soon as it becomes available. The brand has confirmed only a single run of the pre-workout is being done, and once it’s sold through that, there won’t be anymore.

Keep in mind the original formula for Like A Pro Supplements’ Behemoth pre-workout shared in this post here, may or may not be what we get in the final version. Nothing has been set in stone from what we know, although since the brand has included fans so early in the creation of the concept product, we wouldn’t be surprised if it shares developments along the way, leading to the debut of the loaded pre-workout.