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Growing Panda sets its sights on the category of pump pre-workouts

Panda Supplements Pump Pre Workout

Panda Supplements has expanded its growing brand into many different categories in its short time in the industry and now competes in more areas than most others. Over the past several months, Panda moved into the superfood space, launched its first testosterone booster, dropped a cost-effective bulk creatine, revamped its focus formula, and next is going to be another new category for the brand.

The image above is the latest teaser from the team at Panda Supplements, and thankfully, it has been shared alongside a few words that give us a much better idea of what it has coming. Panda has confirmed its next entirely new product is going to be a pump formula or pump pre-workout and based on all of its other items; it’ll be loaded with reliable ingredients and dosages to deliver results.

Typically pump pre-workouts are stimulant-free for use by themselves or in combination with some sort of stimulant-powered pre-workout for a more comprehensive performance in the gym. We’re fairly sure that’ll be the case with the competitor from Panda Supplements, although the more important question is what are the exact ingredients and amounts we’re getting in the unofficially named Panda Pump.

We’re certainly excited to see what Panda Supplements has rolled together for Panda Pump, as it does a great job with all of its formulas, and we expect nothing less in this one. As more details come in, we’ll be sure to share them, but for now, the potential name and pump category is all we have to confirm.

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