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PES looking to go beyond your classic chocolate taste in its Chocolate Truffle Select Protein

Pescience Chocolate Truffle Select Protein

Fresh off of the release of the plant-based, vegan version of its original oatmeal-enhancing Protein4Oats, PEScience has announced a tasty new flavor for its hit protein powder, Select Protein. The flavor extension is going live next week on Monday through the reputable brand’s online store, and it is another chocolate-themed flavor, something Select Protein already has a bit of in Frosted Chocolate Cupcake.

The upcoming product from PEScience is a delicious-sounding Chocolate Truffle Select Protein, which is described as beyond your traditional chocolate-based taste. The brand promises a delicate and rich chocolate experience with that classic Select milkshake-like consistency. PEScience says it uses a combination of milk chocolate, white chocolate, and dark chocolate for a one-of-a-kind chocolatey flavor.

Once again, PEScience is dropping its mouthwatering and well-described Chocolate Truffle Select Protein on Monday of next week through, where there is a good chance there will be some sort of introductory sale, as we’ve seen with past releases from the brand.