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KSM-66 confirmed as a key ingredient in the alpha male pre-workout Achilles Freak

Pharmafreak Achilles Freak Ksm 66

Recently Pharmafreak teased the coming of an entirely new supplement by the name of Achilles Freak and confirmed what kind of product it is going to be, describing it as some sort of alpha male pre-workout. Initially, the brand didn’t say too much about what that would translate to in terms of formula and benefits, but with the supplement gradually getting closer to launch, Pharmafreak is sharing more details.

Pharmafreak has revealed one ingredient that is going to be in its upcoming male performance pre-workout Achilles Freak, and it suggests we were correct with our original speculation. Our guess at what the product might be is a hybrid experience combining pre-workout and testosterone-boosting ingredients. The brand has confirmed Achilles Freak will feature multi-benefit KSM-66 branded ashwagandha.

While KSM-66 ashwagandha is effective in many effects, one of its most common is hormone health and testosterone boosting, suggesting our guess at a pre-workout with ingredients to support testosterone being seemingly correct. Pharmafreak doesn’t plan on completely revealing Achilles Freak until Halloween, which is a week and a half away, although more bits of information will be shared between now and then.