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Ghost puts pastry crust pieces throughout its fall-themed Pumpkin Pie protein powder

Pumpkin Pie Ghost Whey

While most sports nutrition and functional food companies got in on the theme of the season closer to the start of September, it’s never too late, and this week we have another one of those later releases. The original lifestyle supplement brand Ghost has announced it has indeed put together a fall flavor, and it is going to be live and available for purchase in about one week’s time, on Wednesday of next week at midday Central.

The flavor Ghost has created and is launching for the first time ever is something many others do for fall with Pumpkin Pie, and it is for the brand’s reliably great-tasting, whey-based protein powder Ghost Whey. While Pumpkin Pie is a flavor we’ve seen from plenty of sports nutrition brands, especially for protein powder, Pumpkin Pie Ghost Whey will be a bit different and feature pastry crust pieces throughout the powder.

Again, the Pumpkin Pie Ghost Whey is going to be out and available on Wednesday of next week through the brand’s online store at, and only for a limited time. The nutrition profile of the product is much the same as other flavors of Ghost Whey, packing 25g of protein per serving, 6g of carbohydrates with only 2g of that sugar, 2g of fat, and 140 calories.