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Pure Protein makes a bite-sized candy bar-like treat similar to Quest Nutrition

Pure Protein Candy Bar Bites

Mainstream protein brand Pure Protein has taken a similar approach to Quest Nutrition years ago when it introduced the lower protein but absolutely and addictively delicious Quest Candy Bar. The lifestyle nutrition company has introduced Pure Protein Candy Bar Bites, a much smaller, bite-sized protein snack compared to any of the brand’s other bar-format products.

Pure Protein Candy Bar Bites is a small 20g bar designed to be closer to the sweet experience of a sugar-filled candy bar, but of course, Pure Protein’s offering is significantly lower in sugar and packed with protein. You can see the build of the product in the image above with a mildly dense base, a layer of gooey caramel, crunchy peanuts, and all covered in milk chocolate.

That description above is for Pure Protein’s Chocolate Peanut Caramel flavor of its Candy Bar Bites, and it is slightly different for its one other option, the decadent Chocolate Almond Fudge. That appears to have a marginally thicker, dense base but with almond pieces throughout, then a layer of gooey chocolate, and like Chocolate Peanut Caramel, it is all covered in chocolate.

Pure Protein Candy Bar Bites

The nutrition profiles of the Chocolate Peanut Caramel and Chocolate Almond Fudge Pure Protein Protein Candy Bar Bites are almost identical, with 5g of protein in each 20g bar. Alongside that, you get 4 to 4.5g of fat, 8g of carbohydrates with only 2g of that sugar and 2g fiber, and a calorie count of 80, which isn’t lean, but reasonable for a sweet, craving-killing protein treat.

The macros and style of Pure Protein Candy Bar Bites are pretty much the same as the snack-sized Quest Candy Bites, as they too have 5g of protein, 80 calories, and weigh in at 21g a piece. Once again, the Pure Protein effort does look delicious, and it is available now through the online giant Amazon at a reasonable $14.99 a box, and that is a box of 16 bars, not the usual 12.