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Fans of RAZE Energy being treated to another creative Halloween-themed flavor

Raze Halloween Flavor 2022 Teaser

It wouldn’t be Halloween if RAZE didn’t create, craft, and cook up some sort of all-new flavor of its flagship RAZE Energy drink, as this is something we’ve seen it do specifically for the event a few times before. Back in 2019, we got the crowd-sourced Voodoo, and last year we were treated to Franken Sour, both products arriving around Halloween and featuring a spooky theme.

This year, fans of the RAZE Energy drink are indeed getting another, although the beverage brand is keeping it all under wraps for now. With about a week until the event, RAZE has said it is about to reveal an all-new Halloween flavor, and it has teased four different types of tastes, and presumably, one of them is going to be what we get in the Halloween edition.

The RAZE Energy drink flavor for All Hallows’ Eve for 2022 is either going to be Sour, Spicy, Sweet, or Tangy, which does kind of cover almost any type of taste. Either way, the product is going to have a flavor in one of those areas, but the most important news is we’re getting something for Halloween, and it is separate from RAZE’s recently revealed collaboration, Joie Juice.

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