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In-game content and 1,000s of prizes to be won in Rockstar and Xbox’s giant sweepstakes

Rockstar X Xbox Sweepstakes

It’s not uncommon for energy drinks to partner with video games, developers, or even consoles, for special edition cans, sweepstakes, and exclusive in-game rewards. We’ve seen it many times before, and beverage giant Rockstar is doing it once again to close out the year, although its latest collaboration involves more than just a single title.

Rockstar has come together with Xbox and created specially marked versions of some of its most popular energy drinks, including Original, Sugar Free, Pure Zero Punched, and one of our personal favorites, Pure Zero Silver Ice. You can get a look at the products in the image above, featuring characters from the games you can unlock content for by drinking them, with the likes of Master Chief representing Halo: Infinite.

Rockstar X Xbox Sweepstakes

The rewards you can unlock by drinking the alternative editions of Rockstar’s energy drinks are the Tasteful Sensation Razorback for Halo: Infinite, Heat-Eater Power Armor Paint for Fallout 76, the Dinoland Mascot for PUBG: Battlegrounds, Karthwolf Charger Mount for Elder Scrollers Online, and lastly, the Tankito Doritos Outfit for Forza Horizon 5.

Redeeming your cans for in-game content doesn’t end there, as it also puts you in the draw for 1,000s of gaming prizes, including Xbox Series S consoles, entire PC gaming setups, and of course, more Rockstar. You can find out more about the massive Rockstar and Xbox partnership on its dedicated website, where you’ll also see that Doritos is involved as it is offering much the same with specially marked bags of Doritos chips.

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