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Second Rule One teaser includes hints of a clean and lean gainer

Rule One Proteins Clean Gainer

A few weeks ago, Rule One Proteins dropped a teaser image that left a lot to the imagination, with just a few hints and clues about a new and upcoming supplement. Our guess based on what we could see in the graphic was some sort of protein-powered product, potentially another type of protein powder, or something more advanced like a comprehensive meal replacement.

Rule One Proteins has now shared another teaser for that same supplement, providing a much clearer idea of what we’re in for. The second image from the brand can be seen above, and after doing a bit of brightening, we can see the word “Clean” and what appear to be a few macros. From what we can read, those nutrition numbers include 30g of protein, 32g of carbohydrates, and 560 calories.

Our guess of a protein powder or comprehensive meal replacement has now changed to a Rule One Proteins’ Clean Gainer, with the concept being a cleaner and leaner gainer compared to its other offering, Mass Gainer, which is also in the teaser. If we are reading all of those numbers correctly, it sounds as though that is exactly what we’re in for, and the launch of it is not far away.

Rule One Proteins has set Tuesday of next week as the official launch date of the suspected Clean Gainer, at which point all of the upcoming supplement’s details will be revealed, and we’ll find out how close we are with our guess.