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Premium GlucoVantage put into its own supplement at Serious Nutrition Solutions

Serious Nutrition Solutions Glucovantage Xt

Serious Nutrition Solutions has one of the most extensive selections of premium standalone supplements we know of, not to mention its several incredibly advanced products, including the category-leading Lean Edge. This month the reputable brand is expanding that standalone selection a bit further with another relatively simple capsule supplement built to help your body better utilize carbohydrates for many different benefits.

GlucoVantage XT is the latest out of Serious Nutrition Solutions, powered by that title ingredient, GlucoVantage dihydroberberine, at a solid 100mg in each of its 90 capsules per serving. To further support its carbohydrate optimization to improve weight loss, insulin sensitivity, energy, muscle building, and more, the brand has thrown in 250mg of the common GDA component cinnamon bark and 5mg of BioPerine to improve absorption of it all.

The ingredient titled GlucoVantage XT from Serious Nutrition Solutions is a relatively short and sweet product built to deliver benefits similar to a glucose disposal agent but with fewer ingredients. It is available now straight from the brand’s online store at $39.99, and again that is for a bottle of 90 single capsule servings, so it’ll last you quite some time.