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Chocaholic Syrups arriving this month and in a lot more than four flavors

Skinny Food Co Chocaholic Syrup

Several months ago, The Skinny Food Co entertained the idea of a line of delicious low-sugar and low-calorie sauces under its Chocaholic brand. The functional company out of the UK shared the possibility alongside a preview of four flavors of the concept, with Chocaholic Syrup in Turkish Delight, Chocolate Drops, Honeycomb, and Chocolate Malt Balls.

About half a year later, we have some incredibly exciting news for fans of The Skinny Food Co, as not only is the product becoming a reality and launching soon, but it has a lot more than four options on its menu. Later this month, a series of Chocaholic Syrups is going live on the brand’s website and with more than double the original preview of four flavors.

The Skinny Food Co has announced it is debuting Chocaholic Syrup with ten tastes to choose from, including those four mentioned; Turkish Delight, Drops, Honeycomb, and Malt Balls. The other six, which again, are arriving later this month, combine chocolate with citrusy Orange, Peanut, salty Caramel, refreshing Mint, Hazelnut, and Chocolate Coconut.