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Skinny Food entertains the idea of a Chocaholic Series for Skinny Syrup

Skinny Good Chocaholic Skinny Syrup

Chocaholic is The Skinny Food Co’s original brand of delicious, dessert-like spread with low sugar and a long list of mouthwatering flavors, including a selection of creative two-taste Duo versions. The brand has put together a few spin-offs of Chocaholic in Chocaholic Squeezy, Chocaholic Snack Pot, and very soon, there might be a Chocaholic Series of Skinny Syrups.

The Skinny Food Co has put out the idea of a flavor series for its no sugar and low-calorie Skinny Syrup inspired by the Chocaholic family of spreads. As you can see in the image above, the brand has crafted a preview of those potential products, featuring Skinny Syrup versions of four Chocaholic-style flavors in Malt Balls, Honeycomb, Turkish Delight, and Chocaholic Drops.

Skinny Syrup does already have some delicious, dessert-like flavors on its menu; our guess at what the Chocaholic Series will more specifically be is a line of flavors inspired by popular candy and treats. You can see some of that in the concept image, although either way, the Skinny Food Co is saying the decision will come down to how much fans respond and like the idea.