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SkinnyDipped’s latest creation gets unicorn approval and it it’s exclusive to Go Puff

Unicorn Birthday Cake Skinnydipped Cashews

SkinnyDipped has introduced what might be its most colorful product to date in a special edition flavor extension of its signature better-for-you treat. For those not familiar with the functional brand, dipped nuts is the product it is most known for and named after, which is a snack-sized bag of different nuts, such as almonds and cashews, dipped in a flavored, low-sugar coating.

The latest creation from SkinnyDipped is a flavor called Unicorn Birthday Cake for its SkinnyDipped Cashews. The product covers nutritious cashews in a sweet vanilla frosting, and to ensure you get that birthday cake experience; it’s topped with sprinkles. The macros on an entire bag include 10.5g of protein, 49g of carbohydrates with 24.5g of that sugar, 35g of fat, and 490 calories.

Interestingly, you can’t just go anywhere to get your hands on SkinnyDipped’s intriguing new Unicorn Birthday Cake SkinnyDipped Cashews, it is, in fact, exclusive to someone. Currently, the one place you need to go to get your hands on the apparently “Approved By Unicorns” Unicorn Birthday Cake is the grocery delivery app Go Puff at a reasonable $4.99. for a 3.5oz bag.

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