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Xplosiv drops the first of three limited flavor of NZ Whey for its 11th birthday

Xplosiv Raspberry White Chocolate Nz Whey

Major New Zealand retailer Xplosiv is celebrating its impressive 11th birthday this month, and with it, it’s launching three special edition flavors of its flagship protein powder NZ Whey. The supplement itself isn’t anything unique, featuring a blend of whey concentrate and isolate to provide around 23g of protein per serving with 1.8g of fat, 3g of carbohydrates, 1.8 of that sugar, and 121 calories in traditional flavors.

The first of the three flavors of Xplosiv’s NZ Whey protein powder has been revealed and released, with the rest coming a little later. Kicking off the celebratory series is a sweet-sounding Raspberry White Chocolate, with real pieces of white chocolate Flake candy bar throughout the product. You can grab the first birthday flavor from Xplosiv’s website at $54.95 (31.15 USD) for a moderate-sized 1kg bag with 28 servings.