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Xtend infuses its electrolyte-fueled hydration supplement with a bit of BCAAs

Xtend Healthy Hydration

At this year’s Stack3d Supplement Expo, Nutrabolt — the parent company of Xtend, Cellucor, and C4 Energy — had a lot to share in terms of new and upcoming products. One of the completely new items introduced was for Xtend with Xtend Healthy Hydration, which is now rolling out to stores and confirming everything we need to know about the supplement.

Xtend Healthy Hydration is indeed a dedicated hydration product, something we’ve seen many other sports nutrition brands come out with recently. Xtend’s competitor in the growing category features six key electrolytes, including 450mg of sodium, 700mg of chloride, and 380mg of potassium, all for the purpose of supporting and improving hydration.

Xtend Healthy Hydration Label

Being the brand that it is and known for its original Xtend BCAA supplement, it’s no surprise Healthy Hydration has some amino acids thrown in, specifically a 2g blend. That blend consists of the three all-important BCAAs, threonine and tyrosine, and alongside that is a gram of betaine, giving the product more benefits outside of hydration.

Xtend Healthy Hydration is available first through the brand’s retail partner, The Vitamin Shoppe, at $42.99 for a bag of 28 single-serving stick packs in three flavors; Strawberry Banana, Lemon Lime, and Raspberry Lemonade. Vitamin Shoppe is actually running a sale right now where you get a second bag for half price, working out to $32.24 each.