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5% Nutrition tops its Black Friday sale for Cyber Monday with discount and free gift cards

5 Percent Cyber Monday

5% Nutrition’s Black Friday sale was a solid one, offering up to 50% off any of its supplements; all you had to do was purchase four or more items, with the discount dropping the less you ordered. The brand hinted at the possibility of a separate promotion for Cyber Monday, and it turns out there is, and it’s actually better, unless, of course, something you want is out of stock, then you probably should have got in sooner.

For Cyber Monday, 5% Nutrition has the same sort of tiered discount available with 30% off two or more supplements, 40% discount on three or more, and that massive half price when picking up four products. What makes this sale that little bit better is each of those tiers gets a free gift card for you to spend on the brand’s website with $30 alongside the 30%, $50 for an order of three items, and a $70 gift card for four or more.

Again, it is a slightly stronger sale for Cyber Monday than Black Friday, as 5% Nutrition is giving fans an opportunity at the same discount levels — 30%, 40%, and 50% — you’re now just also getting a gift card to essentially spend on more supplements, so basically more discount or free product, how ever you want to see it.

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