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Apollon puts together a simpler alternative to Liver Lover in standalone TUDCA

Apollon Nutrition Tudca

Liver Lover is one of the handful of more health and wellness-focused supplements from the typically advanced and hardcore Apollon Nutrition. It sees the brand bring its premium, packed-out approach to liver function and health with reliably effective ingredients and solid dosages, including a gram of reishi, another gram of milk thistle, 1.2g of n-acetyl-l-cysteine, and 300mg of TUDCA.

Apollon Nutrition has now created a supplement for those that want the benefits of a dedicated liver health product but not quite the in-depth complexity of Liver Lover. The Brand Of The Year for 2021 has separated out TUDCA into its own standalone capsule supplement with a similar dose as Liver Lover at 250mg per single capsule serving, and with 60 capsules a bottle, you have room for half a gram a day.

Apollon Nutrition has been relentless these last few weeks and months, releasing something new almost every week, and its standalone TUDCA will keep that momentum alive and is launching this Friday. Again, it is simpler than Liver Lover and will have a price that works out to be much more cost-effective and a great alternative, especially since TUDCA is a very premium and reliable ingredient.