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Apollon looks to support and protect your liver in its next premium product

Apollon Nutrition Liver Lover

Apollon Nutrition has done an impressive amount of growth this year, and while a lot of its releases have been workout orientated, it has done a few outside of that area. At the start of the year, the hardcore supplement company dropped Resistance to support immune health, introduced the testosterone booster Hard Target, and more recently, the brand came out with its very own barbecue sauce.

Later this week, Apollon Nutrition is launching another non-workout product, more along the lines of Resistance, with the liver support supplement Liver Lover. The brand is bringing its complex, advanced, and in-depth formulating approach to the liver health category. Liver Lover brings together a reliable blend of ingredients and dosages to support, protect, and improve liver health.

Apollon Nutrition Liver Lover Label

There are four main ingredients backing Apollon Nutrition’s Liver Lover, all at solid dosages. Every five capsule serving comes with a gram of milk thistle, another gram of reishi mushroom, and 1.2g of n-acetyl-l-cysteine. The premium liver health ingredient tauroursodeoxycholic acid, better known as TUDCA, is also in the mix, and once again, at a respectable dose of 300mg in each of its 30 servings.

Apollon Nutrition is, as mentioned, planning to release Liver Lover this Friday, which is just two weeks after the launch of Bloody Hell and only a week or so after news of two other upcoming products in IsoBlast and R-600. We don’t know the price of Liver Lover, although looking at its formula, we suspect it’ll be up around the same as Resistance, somewhere in the area of $60 a bottle.