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Dreamin’ Grape finally gives fans of ASC a second flavor for its sleep-supporting Sueno

Asc Supplements Dreamin Grape Sueno

Sueno is ASC Supplements’ well-put-together competitor for the sleep category, which has seen a number of new entries in 2022, although ASC’s came to market over a year ago. The product has a strong list of highlights, including reliable sleep ingredients like GABA at a solid 3g, melatonin at another hefty amount of 5mg, 4g of glycine, and 400mg of theanine, although the one thing it was short on was flavors.

When ASC Supplements debuted its sleep-supporting Sueno, it did so in just the one flavor with Dreamin’ Lemons, and that has been the product’s only option since. The brand recently and finally added another taste to the supplement, giving it an actual menu with Dreamin’ Grape. ASC has already sold through stock in its own online store, but the flavor extension can be found at retailers like the reputable Nutri Cartel.