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Astroflav’s One Scoop Only stays true to its name and squeezes everything into a single scoop

Astroflav One Scoop Only

One Scoop Only is the latest pre-workout competitor from the team at Astroflav, and it gets its name from the fact it is one serving maximum, not 40 servings, with two required for the full experience. You get 25 servings per tub at a regular price of $44.96, so the supplement itself has plenty of value and three flavors to choose from in Raspberry Lemonade, Citrus Twist, and Watermelon Candy.

Having a requirement of just the one scoop for a pre-workout only works if the formula in that serving is solid, and coming from Astroflav, that is, of course, the case. The One Scoop Only pre-workout features reliable ingredients and solid dosages, all jammed into a 22g serving and supporting all of the core benefits, including increased energy and focus, and better pumps and performance.

Astroflav One Scoop Only Label

Driving the pumps in Astroflav’s One Scoop Only is 4g of pure citrulline, 5g of d-ribose, and 2.5g of betaine, then for performance, you get a variety of electrolytes, a full 3.2g of beta-alanine, 250mg of the NucleoPrime blend, and a higher than usual 75mg of the premium and proven Senactiv.

Rounding out the One Scoop Only formula are all of its ingredients for energy and focus, with a solid gram of tyrosine, 60mg of synephrine, a milligram of alpha yohimbine, and finally, a potent 375mg of caffeine. As mentioned, Astroflav has brought together a reliable combination of components, covering you in every area it needs to, and as per the title, all squeezed into a single scoop.

While the regular cost of One Scoop Only through Astroflav’s website is $44.96, it has arrived alongside its Black Friday sale, where everything is 10% off, so that price falls to $40.64. There are also a bunch of freebies available, including a One Scoop Only tee if you purchase the new pre-workout, a shaker at $100, a branded gym bag at $200 or more, and a 1lb tub of protein powder for $275 plus.