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Grötmix is back at Aware but with a new name and Apple Cinnamon flavor

Aware Nutrition Protein Oatmeal

Aware Nutrition in Sweden released an intriguing functional product around this time last year in Grötmix with Extra Protein, which basically translates to high-protein oatmeal, indeed combining oatmeal and milk protein. That supplement was only available for a limited time as it was an exclusive Christmas edition launch and fittingly featured a festive Gingerbread flavor.

Aware Nutrition has dropped an all-new Grötmix with Extra Protein for Christmas in 2022, although this time, it has a much more obvious title with Protein Oatmeal. It is the same concept as last year’s Grötmix with Extra Protein, blending together oatmeal and milk protein for a nutritious start to your day or a convenient meal, and instead of a Gingerbread flavor, it is Apple Cinnamon.

Protein Oatmeal is in stock and available for purchase starting this week from Aware Nutrition’s online store, and it has arrived in line with its week-long Black Friday sale. All this week, the brand is giving shoppers 30% off everything at, which brings Protein Oatmeal down from its already genuinely cost-effective 159 kr for a 750g bag down to 111 kr (10.38 USD).