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Axe and Sledge puts a potent 550mg of caffeine in its harder-hitting pre-workout DBAP

Axe And Sledge Dbap

One of the popular trends in the sports nutrition industry this past year has been to put together an additional pre-workout, although not the usual stimulant-free, pump-focused supplement. Brands have been coming out with more stimulant-heavy options, which is what Seth Feroce’s Axe and Sledge is about to do in its harder-hitting “Don’t Be A Pussy”, shortened to DBAP.

Axe and Sledge does already have two stimulant pre-workouts available in its original Ignition Switch and what it describes as an extreme stimulant product, Seventh Gear. DBAP is going to be more intense than either of those other supplements, with the key difference being that it has more potent stimulants but still has some ingredients for other benefits like pumps and performance.

The non-energizing components in Axe and Sledge’s DBAP are the classic beta-alanine at 3.2g, a gram of taurine, and 2.5g of betaine. Alongside those three is where the higher-stimulant approach comes into play, with 300mg of alpha-GPC and a gram of tyrosine for focus, 30mg each of GBB and synephrine, and 100mg of theobromine.

Axe And Sledge Dbap Label

Rounding out the combination is a potent 2.7mg of alpha yohimbine and 2mg of yohimbine, which should certainly add a punch, then last but not least, a rather hefty dose of caffeine, significantly more than Ignition Switch’s 300mg and Seventh Gear’s 400mg, with 550mg of caffeine made up of 475mg of caffeine anhydrous and 75mg from zumXR extended-release caffeine.

The two forms of yohimbine and caffeine will be more than enough to ramp up the energy and focus side of DBAP and drive that harder-hitting, more intense experience Axe and Sledge is aiming for. The brand’s third stimulant pre-workout is going live on its website in a little more than two weeks on Thursday the 24th, just in time for Black Friday, and in White Cherry and Sherbet flavors.