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Two more milk chocolate-covered flavors arrive for Battle Snacks’ Dynabar

Battle Snacks Peanut Buttercup Dynabar

The Dynabar is an edible protein product from Battle Snacks, originally known for its delicious, sweet, and two-piece protein bar Battle Bites. Dynabar is also a two-piece on-the-go item, although the key difference with this one is it has slightly less protein at a combined 18g between the two parts, and in exchange for that, you get a smooth, gooey center.

Battle Snacks started the year with Dynabar, revealing and releasing it back in January in two tasty-sounding, dessert-style flavors; the white chocolate-covered Chocolate Caramel and Chocolate Fondant coated in milk chocolate. Almost a year after the launch of Dynabar, Battle Snacks is doubling the menu of the product with another pair of flavors.

Joining Battle Snacks’ original Chocolate Caramel and Chocolate Fondant Dynabars are the two milk chocolate-covered creations Peanut Buttercup and Chocolate Hazelnut. The two flavor extensions are rolling out as we write to all of the brand’s usual stores and stockists, and with similar macros to the others at 18g of protein and around 220 calories.