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BEAM is dropping an alternative version of its original pre-workout without caffeine

Beam Stimulant Free Pre Workout

One of the first supplements the premium brand BEAM ever released was a comprehensive pre-workout simply named Pre-Workout. The product debuted alongside the self-explanatory Collagen Peptides and the protein powders Whey Protein and Vegan Protein. Since BEAM Pre-Workout came to market, it has gone unchanged, with only more flavors being added to the supplement.

In a little less than one week, on November 11th, which is Friday of next week, BEAM is launching another competitor for the pre-workout category, and while most brands’ second pre-workout is something stackable, that is not the case here. BEAM is gearing up to drop Stimulant-Free Pre-Workout, featuring all of the same ingredients as Pre-Workout, minus CoffeeBerry caffeine.

Based on that, fans and followers of BEAM can look forward to all of the same benefits and effects of the original Pre-Workout, except for the energy you get from the 250mg of natural caffeine. Again, the brand plans on rolling out the spin-off supplement on Friday of next week in one of Pre-Workout’s six already available flavors with the sweet, candy-like recipe Watermelon Candy.

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