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Premium and proven BioCell Collagen gains widely recognized Halal certification

Biocell Collagen Halal Certified

Significant and respectable certifications are an important part of sports nutrition supplements, as they can open something to an entirely new or separate audience who may not consider the product without it. You see a lot of them on finished supplements due to extra effort from the brands themselves, and there are many ingredients that come with certifications that pass on to the items they’re in.

BioCell Technology has announced a new certification for its premier ingredient BioCell Collagen made from chicken sternal cartilage and seen in many sports nutrition products. It can be found in Axe and Sledge’s Elbow Grease, the comprehensive women’s supplement Animal Alpha F, and Ambrosia’s joint health competitor Mwendo, featuring a gram of BioCell Collagen in every serving.

The reputable BioCell Collagen, clinically proven to improve joint comfort, reduce the appearance of aging, and many other benefits, is now Halal-certified by the Islamic Information Documentation and Certification. This is something that’s recognized by almost all Islamic countries, as mentioned earlier, opening up the ingredient and the products that it’s in, to audiences that may not have ever considered it without the recognized certification.