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Mood and focus-supporting Bacchus is another Chaos and Pain product being updated for 2022

Chaos And Pain Bacchus

Hardcore brand Chaos and Pain is heavily known for its many different energy and focus supporting supplements, and in the nootropic department, it has come out with quite a few competitors. One of those nootropics was Bacchus, introduced several years ago in 2018, and originally designed for moderate energy, enhanced mood, and elevated focus.

In about a week and a half, Chaos and Pain is relaunching Bacchus with a refreshed formula, similar to what it recently did for its high-powered, stimulant pre-workout Cannibal Riot. The product is still designed to provide a more moderate level of energy with 150mg of caffeine, nothing too over-the-top or intense, with other ingredients for cognition, mood, focus, and clarity.

Chaos And Pain Bacchus Label

Chaos and Pain has shared the facts panel for its 2022 Bacchus, which we’ve added for your viewing pleasure below, and there are some notable changes next to its predecessor. The upcoming supplement includes 200mg of the potent stimulant eria jarensis, and several premium components in 25mg of Zembrin, 400mg of Rhodiolife, and 320mg of Synapsa bacopa.

Many of the ingredients in the refreshed Bacchus are from Chaos and Pain’s original version, although overall, it certainly looks to be an improvement, with more to support its various nootropic benefits. Again, the brand is planning to relaunch the product shortly, on Sunday the 20th of this month, and as per usual, through its website at